• Our Philosophy

    Mystereah is not your typical photography company; we are an ever evolving, cutting edge, imaging solution provider.  We offer custom photoshoots that are tailored to the specific needs of our customers; one shoot make be a book cover for a New York Times best selling author, the next shoot may be a boudoir shoot for a military spouse on deployment.  It may be easier to define what we are not, rather than what we are as a company.  We are not a hobbyist or amateur photog that takes any work they are offered.  We are not a small business run of the mill, portrait and small wedding photography company.  If you are interested in having something special created for you, get in touch with us.  We love to take on special projects and unique photo ideas.

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Recent Shoots

Photography we specialize in

Mystereah Photography works across the broad spectrum of photography, but we have a few favorite genres. Yes we do weddings, senior portraits and new born shoots. It seems everyone with a camera and a computer is a photographer these days, but we do work that only a few professionals even attempt like underwater, aerial drone and exotic location photography. Here are a few of our personal favorite areas to work in...


One of the things we love about photography is showing the inner beauty of a soul to the world.

Fine art

Mystereah offers a serial numbered and signed collection of Fine Art Masterpieces each year. 


The natural world is a favorite subject for our lens: sunsets, ocean waves, plants and animals.


We work with authors and publishers to create the perfect book cover and promotional artwork. 
“Every click of the shutter immortalizes the world around us; we want to capture your world for you to hold forever. ”
- Mystereah Team


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contact us today

We try to respond to all inquiries in a prompt manner. Email is the best contact media for scheduling a photoshoot. Typically bookings are 14-21 days out. If you have an event on a specific date please allow 30 days prior notice. It may be possible to work on shorter time frames depending on prior bookings and event schedules. Thank you for your interest in Mystereah Photography!